Máiréad Nesbitt Reviews Magic Rosin

Learn more about Emmy- and Grammy-nominated artist and composer Máiréad Nesbitt, who has won multiple Irish Music Awards and the Irish Music Magazine’s Best Traditional Artist.

Máiréad’s eclectic music embraces traditional Irish and classical music, as Mairéad was always determined to master and merge these two seemingly opposite types. Her diverse musical influences are as much a testimony to her musical childhood as they are to her unique style. Watch this video as Máiréad Nesbitt gives Magic Rosin a big shout-out. She has her very own custom Magic Rosin and outlines why she loves it and never leaves home without it. Professionals love Magic Rosin without a doubt. Act like a pro and order your Magic Rosin today!


Hey, Everyone! This is a big shoutout to Magic Rosin. I have my own custom Magic Rosin and I absolutely love it! My Magic Rosin comes in a clear case and it’s got my logo. I absolutely love it! I use this all the time. It’s included in every single outfit that I have on my website. I am so so happy. Thank you so much, Magic Rosin. I love it! It’s so pretty. So pretty!

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